Submitting an Officer Commendation or Complaint

How can I recommend an officer for recognition when I witness an act of exemplary performance?

If you believe that an officer has acted above and beyond the call of duty and believe the officer should be recognized for exemplary performance, the same methods as submitting a complaint are also excellent means to ensure that officers receive the recognition they deserve.  All too often, the fact that officers are people too is forgotten.  Like all people, officers also enjoy being recognized for the things they do right.

How can I submit a complaint when I witness an officer perform an act of misconduct?

The Blanco Police Department is committed to providing professional services.  If you feel that an officer or member of the Blanco Police Department has acted unprofessionally or has committed other acts of misconduct, you can do one of two things:

  • You can call the Blanco Police Department at (830) 833-4375 to report the incident.  A Department Supervisor will review the incident and forward any necessary information to the Office of the Chief of Police for disposition.
  • You may appear in person to complete a formal complaint of the misconduct.  Your complaint will be forwarded to the Office of the Chief of Police for disposition.

Although not always necessary, it is requested that you leave your name and contact phone number so that a member of the Administration or Supervisory Staff may be able to speak to you personally about the incident as well as pass along any facts regarding the incident.