Procedures & Fines

Standing Orders

  1. Previous Standing Orders
  2. Photos, Video, Sound
  3. Fines
  4. Accepting a Plea
  5. Court Settings
  6. Extension to Pay Fines
  7. Installment Agreements (Payment Plans)
  8. Payment of Fines at Clerks Window
  9. Compliance Dismissals
  10. Deferred Disposition
  11. Driving Safety Courtse
  12. Dismissal of Financial Responsibility Violations (No Insurance)
  13. Fail to Have or Display Drivers License
  14. DSC & DD For Under 25 with Multiple Violations
  15. Recalling a Warrant
  16. FTA on a Show Cause Hearing
  17. Standing Motion - Dismissals 

Court Fees

To pay citation or see how much you owe: fastgovpay

To get a copy of your Type 3A Driving Record: Texas Department of Public Safety

Information on how to get an Occupational Driver's License

If you need to take a Drug or Alcohol Awareness Course: Texas Drug And Alcohol Awareness Class

For any Court Ordered Course: CourtSolutionsOnline -- these courses will qualify for community service hours


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