2020 Update

The Comprehensive Master Plan Update is a compilation of the work done by two committees appointed by Blanco’s City Council. The first committee (Martha Herden, Wayne Gosnell, Ginger Faught, David Smith, Barbra Hodges, Keith Domke) convened in 2016 and reviewed and assessed the 2005 Comprehensive Master Plan goals. In 2020 a second committee was formed (Martha Gosnell, Pamela Capps, Susan Moore) to reassess the accomplishments and goals of the 2005 document and the work done by the first committee.

The following is an updated assessment of where the City of Blanco stands in regards to the 2005 Comprehensive Master Plan. Demographic statistics have been updated in red. The questionnaire distributed in 2005 was, once again, distributed to citizens for their input. Due to the Covid Pandemic, no “townhalls” were conducted. A summary of the survey results is included. Updates to the Narrative section and Implementation Section of the 2005 plan are in red to make it easy to see what the City has (and has not) accomplished in the past 15 years. The 2005 Plan was reviewed by the 2016 committee to identify specific recommendations made in the Plan. Both sections of the Plan were analyzed. The implementation section of the Plan contained 150 specific recommendations. 134 specific recommendations were identified in the Narrative section most, but by no means all, of which were duplicated
in the Implementation sections of the Plan. The 2020 committee repeated the process.

Updated Sections:
• Demographic Analysis
• Public Input
• Land Use
• Community Development
• Downtown Revitalization
• Historic Preservation

Survey results

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