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Mayor’s Update: Pecan Bottom


On November 9, 2021, the Blanco City Council unanimously moved to designate the Pecan Bottom as a nature park and the area was no longer mowed to allow us to identify the different types of vegetation in the area. In the past, vendors for Market Days and Lavender Festival have parked their vehicles on the Pecan Bottom so we could not tell what was growing. There are many grasses and flowers already blooming such as buffalo grass and primroses. We’ve spotted a small pecan tree! The City is working together with Keep Blanco Beautiful, Blanco Women’s Club, Highland Lake Master Naturalists, the Blanco County Rotary Club, and others to begin working on turning the area into a park. Trails have been mowed across the Pecan Bottom already and seeds were spread. The next step is to create natural structures for a playground such as stumps and boulders for climbing, hiding, and exploring. The idea behind creating natural structures is so that if and when there is a flood again and it washes away, the structures won't be hard to replace. Mayor Pro Tem Connie Barron will be donating her monthly council stipends, $2,200 ($100 was donated to the Council Scholarship each May) to this project to help maintain it. The Women’s Club has donated a little library to Spinnerz Laundromat and this will be placed on the park’s side so citizens can enjoy a book while relaxing in the park. We are excited about this new green space in our community and look forward to what sprouts up next.