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Stage 3 Explanation by Mayor Pro Tem Barron


Hello, Neighbors,

     First, thanks to you all for understanding the tough water situation the drought is placing on us and doing all you can to help conserve this precious resource. I received questions about why Blanco went to Stage 3 drought management when Canyon Lake Water System (CLWS) was at Stage 2 and the reservoir was full. Let me do my best to explain what has been happening.

     CLWS has a large tank near Stallion Estates that must be at a certain level in order for us to be able to pull water and fill our tank near the entrance to Rock'n J. That tank fills other tanks that serve the city. The level of the CLWS tank was hitting dangerously low levels. At first it was thought this might have been due to a non-functioning antenna that sends messages between tanks to turn on the pumps. When this was discovered our Inframark staff began diligently monitoring and manually turning on the pumps. In so doing, they discovered that it was NOT actually the antenna that was the problem, but rather the water supply to the tank. CLWS was not able to fill the tank to meet the city's needs due to larger overall demand on their system. Our staff had been in touch with CLWS to let them know the problems and finally, yesterday, CLWS stopped ALL OUTDOOR water use. You can see the information on their website, but I have also attached the notice that was posted. One of the filters on the CLWS treatment has now failed and their ability to treat and pump enough water to meet all customer needs is significantly hampered. This and more can be seen in their notice.

     Again, had it not been for the vigilance of our Inframark staff, the rapid response from the Mayor and the cooperation of our citizens, we would likely have had water service disruptions with boil notices, etc. Thanks to everyone for continuing to do what we have to do to get through this drought. 

     Just a personal note. I have been capturing the drip condensation from our AC and am getting 10-15 gallons every 24 hours even with the thermostat set at 78 degrees. If you haven't already considered it, take a look at yours and hook up a hose or set a container underneath. I was shocked at how much water we could get. It has kept my shrubs alive. 


Emergency Drought Stage Press Release