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Mayor Pro Tem Barron's Latest City Business Update - HWY 281 Expansion


Good afternoon, Neighbors,

     I am sure most, if not all of you, have taken notice of the incredibly rapid growth in traffic on Hwy 281. Your Mayor and Council certainly have. A few weeks ago, the Mayor asked me, the city administrator and our city attorney to reach out to TXDOT and arrange a meeting to discuss the future of 281 and its related impact on Blanco. We met with representatives of TXDOT along with Judge Bray to discuss the issue. The information we learned was sobering, if not totally unexpected. TXDOT is planning a significant expansion of 281 positioning it to serve as a relief route for I-35. Plans are underway for the expansion south and north of our city. Thanks to our Mayor's foresight, we are now engaged with TXDOT on discussions regarding the impact of their plan on our community and options to minimize any harmful effects. This will include consideration of a possible relief route around our town square. 
    This was a preliminary discussion to put Blanco on TXDOT's radar and insure that we are included in plans and decisions during this process. The Mayor will begin convening public information meetings as we know more, and her policy of transparency with Blanco citizens will ensure that everyone will be included in communications and have opportunities for input. TXDOT plans to begin construction through Blanco County in 2027. We are fortunate that Mayor Lumpee has positioned us for active involvement and engagement in this process. She and your Council will be working with Judge Bray and our County Commissioners to achieve the best possible result for our community.